Arsenik 0.2.4

Some more bug and UI fixes.

Arsenik 0.2.3

Tweaks cardrepetition, avoids a bug using the file chooser.

Arsenik 0.2.2 for maemo

Fixes annoying behaviour introduced in 0.2 where the trainer repeated cards at to short an interval.

Arsenik 0.2.1 for gnome

Arsenik 0.2.1, a bug fix release, is now available.

Arsenik 0.2

Arsenik 0.2 is now available. It is now translateable, can export pdf-files, uses pango for textrendering and comes with lots of bug-fixes.

Arsenik 0.1.1

And a bug fix release is available.

Arsenik 0.1

Arsenik 0.1 is now available as a debian package. It is very much beta alpha software, but it supports creating and learning flash cards.

Arsenik-maemo 0.1

Version 0.1 for maemo has been released. It currently supports learning decks, and if python-gnome2-desktop is installed it should also display SVGs (though with rather bad performance).

Release candidate

A first release candidate for the maemo version has been released.

Status of Arsenik

Arsenik is soon ready for a 0.1 release. This first version will provide an editor, supporting creation of cards with text or SVG pages. It will also feature a simple training program packaged for debian and maemo.

I have stress tested Arsenik while studying for a surgery exam, but it probably has some bugs. Don't hesitate to report them in the bug tracker!

Do check out for really nice html-templates!